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It's Who You Know.

Some Propertyspot clients selling their homes with us offer generous referral rewards, payable to any party who introduces a successful buyer to their property. So, even if a property listed with us is not appropriate for your needs, our clients wish to encourage you to refer their property to a party you feel may be interested to buy.

To see which properties carry a referral reward, Check our listings
Qualifying to claim a referral reward is very simple and the following conditions apply:

  • The referral reward is only payable if the interested party actually buys the property.
  • The referrer must lodge details of the interested party with Propertyspot in writing prior to any contact by the interested party.
  • The referral reward is payable to a designated bank account within 14 days of settlement of the property sale.
  • The referral rewards only apply to properties that are shown as those carrying a reward.

That’s it, no strings attached, no gimmicks or fiery hoops to jump through, just refer and earn. After all, it’s who you know.


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