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Property Management Made Simple

At Propertyspot we believe in making life easy for our clients and keeping things simple; like our property management service; ‘Easy PM’. As property investors ourselves, we treat your property like our own, and above all protect and grow the value of your investment.

There are two key facets to trouble free property letting and management. Finding the right tenant, not just any tenant and ensuring the property is in the right condition to optimise rental yield and reduce the likelihood of repairs and maintenance during the tenancy.

Check Out The Benefits of Easy PM

  • Fixed Letting Fees - Just because your weekly rent is higher does not make your property harder to rent, so the standard ‘weeks rent’ charged by most agencies is inequitable. Propertyspot charge a fixed fee of $550 (inc gst) plus agreed advertising. And if you renew a lease then it’s a low flat fee of just $275 (inc gst), not another week’s rent.
  • All Inclusive Management Fees - No more admin fees, lease prep costs, statement fees or ambiguous disbursements, just a competitive 5.5% (inc gst) for the whole property management package. (exc. tribunal matters or external NCAT costs.
  • Flexible Service Tailored To Your Needs - If you do not need a full-time property management service, or just need to source a great tenant, we will tailor a solution to fit your requirements. You don’t pay for what you don’t needs.
  • We Appreciate Your Trust In Us - The more properties you choose to leave in our capable hands the cheaper our service becomes. For every additional property you trust us to manage, we will reduce our letting and management fees for that property by 10%. In addition, if we’ve done a great job and you ever choose to sell property with us, we will reduce our agreed fees by 30%
  • Real Service, Guaranteed - Not just lip service, but a genuine guarantee based on our key performance criteria. If we don’t maintain our agreed service level, we pay you.

Introductory Offer

Join our property management service or transfer your existing property management to us before 30 June 2018 and you will receive the first 3 months of property management service at 3.3%.

To find out more about Propertyspot’s cost effective, flexible, 'EasyPM' solutions, please contact us or call 1300 002 003 and we'll show you how easy it can be.


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